Hey there!

My name is Anthony DeMedeiros and I’m a game designer in Mississauga, Ontario with about 2 years of professional game industry experience. In total, I have about 6+ years of game development under my belt including prototypes worked on in my spare time.

I focus on most aspects of game development such as:

Level Design – Designing fully fleshed out levels packed with fun gameplay.

Game Mechanics – Designing and coding fun game mechanics and systems that enhance and compliment gameplay.

3D Animation – Asset creation and making them move around the worlds I create.

UI Development – Creating easy to use Heads-Up-Displays and menus the player can easily navigate.

Design and Planning – With teams, I love to plan ahead about how the game will play and how each mechanic compliments each other. As well as how the story of the project unfolds to the player in the long run.

Overall, I thrive in creative and collaborative environments where hard work and passion for making fun games is valued, and where I can leverage my skills to enhance my designs and team.


Anthony is a game designer who loves making fun little prototypes in his spare time.

He graduated with a Degree in Game Design and Development from Trios College. During school, Anthony worked at BDA Entertainment and helped out on a facebook game called Realm of Empires.

After college, he worked for a year and a half at Degica Co. where he made several fun prototypes with a small team before developing and releasing Bloxitivity on Steam.

Now, he focuses on fun prototypes and works with many different teams as a contractor.